It may seem difficult to be involved in a boating accident because bodies of water are so vast. However, they actually happen fairly frequently. If you plan on going on a boat any time soon, it is important to know what to do immediately following a collision if it occurs.

Ensure Everyone Is Safe

If you are lucky, a boat accident may not lead to any injuries. However, if you or anyone else gets hurt, it is crucial to ensure their safety. Boats should have an emergency medical kit on-board. You can also call an ambulance to the shore. Harbor control is usually out on most lakes; they will come to the aid of reported boating accidents they get word of.

Contact the Authorities

Even if the boat accident does not result in an injury, it is required by law that all boating accidents have a report filed. The operator of the boat should handle this, but if you are concerned that he or she will not do it, then you can take it upon yourself.

Collect Insurance Information

Boat owners should have insurance on their boat, so you should talk with him or her to get information. This material will assist you in the event that a settlement needs to be handled.

After an accident, you should contact a boating accident injury attorney to acquire more information about what you can do. To find out more, contact De Santis Injury Law Center in San Diego at 619-425-2020.